VERY REAL WWIII risk: The United Kingdom Announces a European Navy in the Strait of Hormuz.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced in Parliament the creation of a “European mission” to protect tankers in the Persian Gulf. Hunt denounced the capture of Stena Impero as “an act of state piracy” and reiterated the request to Tehran to release the vessel, detained in the military port of Bandar Abbas since last Friday after being intercepted by the Revolutionary Guard.

The head of the Foreign Office informed, however, that the British Government does not endorse the position of “maximum pressure” on the Iranian regime sponsored by the US Administration and that it remains aligned with European countries in its commitment to the nuclear agreement sealed in 2015.

Hunt responded to the statements, hours before, by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that the UK “has an obligation to guarantee the safety of its own ships.” “The United States has a responsibility to do its part,” he warned, “but the rest of the world has a great role to do to keep the lanes open.”

The British Foreign Secretary warned Iran in any case that the result of their actions may be “an increase in the naval presence at their doors, which they can only blame themselves.” Hunt did not announce at the moment the imposition of economic sanctions, as had been speculated in recent days.

In his speech in Parliament, the head of the Foreign Office did not specify which countries will join the supposed European “mission” to protect the Straits of Hormuz from tankers. The British Government has only one frigate in the area, HMS Montrose, and a destroyer on the way, HMS Duncan, which supposedly should relieve it.

London has also denied the information published by The Times, which claimed that the United States offered “help” in the Strait of Hormuz to protect British flag vessels. Deputy and former conservative leader Ian Duncan Smith, who has led the campaign for the election of Boris Johnson as a conservative leader, directly accused Theresa May of having rejected the military protection offered by the Trump Administration.

Iran’s crisis will, in any case, be the top priority of the new conservative leader when it is confirmed as the new prime minister next Wednesday. According to The Sun, Boris Johnson is willing to dismiss Jeremy Hunt if he achieves a broad victory over him, which would allow him to have his hands free for a closer approach to Washington.


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