Do You Like Beer? Here You Have 7 of My Favorite Beer:

Yes, I am a freak of the beer. Yes, I drink more alcohol than I should. And yes, I also spend much more money than I should in a liquid that after all is only made up of barley, water, hops and yeast, but I love this topic.

I love watching people debate about beer in the forum, as well as promulgating how much or little I know about it, I have tried hundreds of beers over the years, of all styles and all parts of the world, since the cheapest to the most exclusive, and you could say that I am quite involved in the world.

That’s why I open this thread to show you ten of the beers that I liked the most, explain what makes them special and, above all, that we learn a little bit of beer together. I know that they can be very expensive or difficult to obtain in some cases, however, in the comments we can discuss the issue and if you want any recommendations, do not hesitate to ask me. Let’s go there.

1.Struise Pannepot Vintage 2011

Well, let’s start with a classic, at least as far as the beer style is concerned, this is a Belgian strong ale with 10 °. It is impossible to say what this beer tastes like because each drink is a world, ranging from spices to sweetness, nuts and very ripe berries. Few beers so complex I have tried, every year they make an edition and of all the ones that I have been able to drink, without a doubt this was the best.

2. Lervig Supersonic

Let’s change completely from third (Well, rather than a half-liter can) and move on to a Norwegian beer of a style opposite to the previous one. We are talking about a double IPA, that is, a very thick, bitter and refreshing beer. Bringing your face to the glass is like squeezing a lemon in your nose. Citrus, tropical, floral, you would never believe that it has 8.6 ° and that, shurs, is a danger, believe me.

3. Amundsen Pecan Psychosis Barrel Aged 

  • This only exists in barrel, so I put the logo of the normal version

Do you like sweet And chop you? Flavors and blunt beers? Can you imagine drinking a beer that tastes like cake and at the same time a good bourbon? Just that is this Imperial Stout. It is what you know as “black beer” but on steroids, it has 12.3 °, there is nothing and the taste is a combination between dulce de leche and a good homemade brownie, to it add that it has been stored for months in barrels of Bourbon A real show.

4. 3Fonteinen Oude Kriek 

Let’s go back to Belgium, this time to cool off. Yes, it is a fruit beer, but it is neither sweet nor resembles anything you can find in a supermarket. This spontaneous fermentation beer is made only with yeasts that are in the air itself, and is made in 35% sour cherries. Between a sparkling wine and an acid cider, you could drink liters and liters thanks to its 6 ° … If it doesn’t cost what it costs.

5. Lervig Barley Wine 2017 Barrel Aged 

Another beer aged in bourbon barrels, but very different. It is a Barley Wine, a “barley wine” that has nothing to do with wine. Sweet beer, very sweet, but quite alcoholic, with almost thirteen degrees of alcohol. It tastes like bourbon, yes, but not only that, it’s like drinking homemade cookies, take it for dessert or for dinner, but be careful, it feels good sitting.

6. Stone Double Bastard 

This beer or you love it or hate it. It is not sweet, nor bitter, it is aggressive, alcoholic, complex, slightly rough in the mouth. What would the sister daughter of a Belgian beer be like? A) Yes. Not happy to make a beer of 11 °, they bottle it only in bottles of 66cl. Beer for the muuuuuy brewers, little joke.

7. The Bruery Melange No. 3 

Everyone thinks that it is the Germans or the Belgians who handle the beer cotarro, but that they do not deceive you, nobody makes beer like the Americans, and this is a clear example of this, it is not really a single beer, but a Blend, a mixture of three aged beers in oak barrels. Bourbon, sweetness, warmth, new flavors with every drink: cocoa, chocolate, wood, lots of wood, liquor … 16.3 ° that you would never believe and has. Rotunda

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