I Will Explain Why Bitcoin Is Going To Be Worth Between $50k and $300k.

There are various elements to keep in mind. First, you have to realize that BTC is not a normal asset, many people say that BTC is not supported, that it has no value per se.

The value of the BTC, what supports it, is that it has behind the largest decentralized data processing network, that supports it, the huge amount of data processing with the investment that requires.

To understand why the price will only increase in the medium and long term, you have to ask yourself several questions:

  • Who are the ones with more bitcoins and less interested in lowering the price?

Apart from some investment fund or famous person for having invested a lot when BTC is worth nothing like the millionaire Roger See, in general, the big players in the sector and who have more bitcoins are two, the exchange houses (exchangers) and the miners (those who “generate” new BTCs and validate each transaction). Well, both actors have more and more bitcoins, exchanges because they earn commissions every time there is a buy/sell and there is more and more market, so they end up having more bitcoins in their accounts, and miners, for obvious reasons.

The fact is that in bitcoin there is an event every few years called halving, whereby the number of bitcoins that miners receive for doing their work is reduced by half in each halvin, therefore, to receive half for their work there is to add that there are more and more miners, this means that as bitcoin it has an algorithm that resets the difficulty of mining bitcoins every very little time depending on the number and power of miners, it means that if there are more miners and more power of I calculate, it becomes more difficult to mine bitcoins and therefore more expensive, we have then that those who generate BTC each time charge less and cost them more money, so if we consider no since the market gets bigger and more investors to enter and rising demand, but consider it stable over time, the price can only go up.

On the other hand, the exchanges that have more and more bitcoins, also for obvious reasons, are interested that the hundreds of thousands of bitcoins that they own have more and more value.

So Bitcoin is going up and is gonna go even upper and the question is… are you going to miss it?

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