An Awkward Truth: the Australian Aborigines.

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The Australian aborigines have an IC lower than the European average, which prevents them from thriving and integrating into society.

Australia has been providing generous aid for decades, but they fail to reach minimum levels in primary education, nor do they develop the vast majority of jobs (and that in Australia there is an unemployment rate of 5.3%).

All they know how to do is get together in the parks to get drunk by spending the monthly payment that the State gives them.

Their crime rates are more than ten times higher than those of the Australian average. It is sad because it is not something that has a solution except to leave them in a part of the country leading the kind of traditional life they have had for thousands of years.

In this video, we can observe a fair model of how houses have and the unhygienic situation in which they live.

Here an American tries to communicate with one of them but goes through serious difficulties to understand him.

Here they interview another, who talks about how he spends his day drinking. Speak like a little boy, in the minute 5:40:

An aboriginal skull next to that of a European. Remember that the indigenous separated from the human species 50,000 years ago:

This study determines the size of the aboriginal brain is significantly smaller than the size of the brain:

The brain volumes of 8 male Australian Aborigines and 11 male Caucasians were determined. Total brain volume was significantly smaller for Aborigines (1199 +/- 84 ml) compared to Caucasians (1386 +/- 98 ml).

This other study from more than 800 autopsies also determines that the aboriginal brain is smaller:

Statistical comparisons between the brain weights of the Caucasians and Aboriginal subpopulations show that Aboriginals had smaller brains than Caucasians.

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